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Kodama Jozo introduced in SAKE TODAY #27 Issue (Winter 2021)

26th Mar,2021

SAKE TODAY introduced Kodama Jozo in their #27 Winter 2021 Issue.  Founded by John Gauntner in 2013, SAKE TODAY is a quarterly magazine which specializes on sake, food and travels in Japan.  Winter 2021 issue covers stories about the Kodama family history, sake, miso and shoyu making at Kodama Jozo, an episode of younger days of the fifth generation president Shinichiro and his wife when they were students in the US. and more in 7 pages.

You can purchase a copy of SAKE TODAY for JPY1000.- (plus tax. JPY300.- for a delivery fee) or register for annual subscriptions.  For more info., contact the publisher.
Bright Wave Media Inc. in Yokohama: info@sake-today.com
SAKE TODAY website:  www.saketoday.com