About Us

This is the home of Taiheizan sake, internationally known by its Tenko super premium rice wine label.   Taiheizan sake is named for the massive mountain that pierces the horizon just east of Akita prefecture's capital city.   Taiheizan sake first captured Japan's attention when introduced as the first chilled sake in 1933.   Taiheizan sake has been winning awards at home and abroad ever since.   Japan's 1934 National Sake Competition named it first among 5,169 competitors.   It has won consecutive Gold Medals at Brussels' Monde Selection international competition between 2000 and 2014 plus received Gold Medals at Hawaii's Joy of Sake annual competition between 2001- 2013.   London's International Wine Challenge awarded Taiheizan its 1st Place Gold Trophy in 2009 and Ginjo/Daiginjo Trophy in 2014.   Most recently it won the Gold Ginjo Award at Toronto's International Sake Challenge.

Founded in 1879 in Japan's northern Akita prefecture, the family owned Kodama Brewing Company first produced soy sauce and miso soy bean paste, basic condiments in Japanese cooking, before it began brewing sake in 1913.   The centuries old, labor intensive Kimoto method is still used to brew Taiheizan's pure rice super premium and premium sake.   Our sake is being distributed to an increasingly wide international market that includes the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore as well as Japan.

Enjoy Taiheizan - Cheers and Kanpai!!

Web site: www.kodamajozo.co.jp
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